About Narrandera Golf Club

Welcome to Narrandera Golf Club where everyone is welcome. We have a beautiful 18 hole grass green course set amongst a cypress pine tree forest. We are blessed with gentle slopes and sandy soil which ensures perfect drainage and the ability to play golf all year round. The clubhouse has a striking view up to the elevated 18th hole tee which many consider the finest finishing hole in the state. Our facilities are perfect for a relaxing time before, during or after golf and for celebrating a birthday, wedding, anniversary or any other occasion. 

A Proud History

Narrandera Golf Club was formed at a meeting in the Agricultural Society rooms on June 10, 1905. A ten hole course was laid out at Narrandera Showground and took in part of the site of the present Narrandera Sportsground. In July 1912, a new 9 hole course was laid out south of the town and east of the Newell Highway between the Murrumbidgee Irrigation Area Canal and the Murrumbidgee River on the area known as Brewery Flat. After several floods and sometime during the 1914-18 Great War, a 9 hole course was established on Narrandera Racecourse.

Some years later, the Committee could see the limitations imposed by having the golf course on the racecourse and put a proposal to members that the club should acquire its own property. In 1927, the club bought nearby Powell's paddock and moved to the present site in 1928.

On 1st September 1928, the clubhouse was opened with Narrandera solicitor Mr O Dangar as President. During early 1970, the club was able to arrange with the then Water Resources Commission for a licence to pump from the main canal and to irrigate 37 acres. The instigator and driving force behind this ambitious project was the then President and Narrandera Pharmacist Mr J Ainsworth. In March 1970, the work of laying the pipes on the course was carried out by a working bee extending over one weekend. The pumps and pipeline were tested and on the morning of 9th April 1970, the first water was delivered into the storage dam. That night, the clubhouse and all its contents were destroyed by fire. The new and current clubhouse was officially opened on 12th June 1971.

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