Notable Members

The Late Dr Harold Lethbridge was a foundation committeeman and President 1939/40 and 1942. His main interest was in establishing trees and shrubs on the course. Until 1939, he presented his own paintings of scenes on the course as Mixed Foursomes Trophies.

The Late Mr Keith Willis was President 1955/57 and served as Secretary and Captain prior to his term as President. He died in 1958 and his ashes are interred adjacent to his beloved 1sttee.

The late Mr Arthur Henderson chaired the meeting when, by his casting vote, the purchase of our present course was approved. There was strong opposition on financial grounds. The purchase was financed with life memberships and debentures.

The Late Mr Tom Wise was President 1951/52. As a committeeman for many years, he was dedicated to the improvement of the course which had deteriorated during the 1939-45 War. Among other things, he invented a machine to combat the bad bindi-eye problem and, on the best advice, sank a bore to find water, but was unsuccessful.

In 1966, the extremely rare event of two holes in one in the one round was achieved by the Late Mr John Graves.

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