Our Course

Narrandera Golf Club boasts a beautiful 18 hole grass green course set in a cypress pine tree plantation. We ensure that our course is not overcrowded so that you can enjoy the game and the surroundings without any hassle. Breathe in that fresh country air and enjoy traditional Australian hospitality.  Members and visitors can access the course 7 days a week.

The layout of our course is displayed here in a historical work by artist Neville Watt.

Local Course Rules (Applied in Conjunction with the Rules of Golf)

  1. Out of Bounds: (a) Those areas beyond the boundary fences (b) Those areas beyond any black stake with white tops
  2. Ground Under Repair: (a) All areas defined by white stakes or lines. (b) Ant Hills / Holes NB: See note to rule 25-la - No relief allowed from ant hills / holes that interfere with the players stance.
  3. If a staked tree / shrub or ornamental garden interferes with a players stance or area of intended swing, the player MUST take relief as provided in rule 24-2b(i) (immovable Obstructions)
  4. Lateral Water Hazards are defined by red stakes and / or lines NB: Stakes / lines which define the hazard are immovable obstructions
  5. Roads, pathways and tracks are integral parts of the course unless clearly defined as Ground Under Repair (see above)
  6. Watering Equipment is an Immovable Obstruction - Rule 24-2b

Penalty for Breach of Local Rule

  • Match Play - Loss of Hole
  • Stroke Play - Two (2) Strokes

Pegs on the right hand side of the fairway mark 150m to the centre of the green.


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